About EstimateScrubber.com. We are completely independent from any insurers, information providers or other outside influences. Our goal is to provide outstanding free and low cost services to the collision repair industry and vehicle owners. We do not share or sell any estimates or shop information to any third party. Scrubber offers the ability to check your estimates against a preset group of items and rules to allow you the opportunity to make additions, deletions and changes before you submit it to your customers for approval. It also can offer a form of consistency between your shops and estimators ensuring the same entries appear on all estimates.

Login. When you register you are automatically logged in to EstimateScrubber. If you scrub estimates on other computers in the shop you need to login on each computer. You may be logged in and use multiple computers simultaneously. The computer sets a cookie and will remember you.

Estimate Providers. Currently the scrubber works with Audatex, CCC and Mitchell estimates.

Other Estimates. You can scrub Audatex, CCC and Mitchell estimates from other sources (shops or insurers) as long as they are provided in an email or text PDF format.

Multiple Profiles. You may create multiple profiles for different customer types. Cloning profiles allows you to copy an existing profile and make changes thus eliminating the task of completely setting up each profile. Each profile has to have a unique name. There is a freehand text area at the beginning of each profile allowing you the add comments and/or rules about the customer. You may scrub your estimates against different profiles looking for different things.

Scanned, Faxed or Copied Estimates. Scanned Faxed or Copied estimates will not scrub. The estimate has to be an original PDF copy. If you can get an estimate emailed to you as a PDF attachment it should scrub without any issues.

How Scrubber Works. Scrubber does not use data pumps, EMS or BMS files. It is completely cloud based. The scrubber reads the estimates text captured in the PDF file. Scrubber, using artificial neural networks (ANNs), can be trained to look for anything in the estimate copy. It is a statistical process we train, be it a line number, paint time, labor time, part number, line description, second line text, *, **, <>, #, INC*# or anything else. We program the ANNs to read and understand the lines and classify them. For a typical 50 line estimate we may need to perform thousands of pattern matches. When we are done then we apply the review logic. Since this is a statistical process it may not be 100% accurate. Occasionally you may run across a scrubbed estimate with an issue.

Reporting Scrubber Issues.There is a link on the results page labeled “Report Scrubbing Issue”. Open the link and fill out the form completely as possible. You do not need to attach the scrub results or estimate as this is done automatically. We would really like the feedback on your scrubs good or bad. You may also use the “Contact Us” link found in the black menu bar on the “Home Page” or at the bottom of the FAQ.

PDF Documents. Our software requires that estimate be complete and in PDF form. There are two ways to get a PDF of your estimate.

The first is to print/create the estimate as a text PDF file and save it to a local folder. Any PDF writer will work as long as it converts to a PDF text file. If you print it as a PDF there are two types of PDF files, Text and Graphic. Estimate scrubber needs estimates printed in a PDF text format. We recommend using the native Windows 10 “Print to PDF” function.

The second is to create an email of the estimate from within the Information Provider. Then save the attachment (Your Estimate) to a local folder. You do not need to send the actual email you can just close that window and scrub the saved estimate.

If you are having problems scrubbing an estimate (shows no output) check the PDF converter. Open an estimate up and try to highlight the text. When clicking the left mouse button and scrolling down you cannot see the text highlighted it is a graphic file. A graphic PDF file will show a box to cut and paste. If you can't highlight the PDF’s text Scrubber can't read it. Do not use the PDF printers supplied by the information providers as they may resize the estimate copy which will not properly scrub the file.

If you are experiencing issues with creating a PDF of your estimate, please contact support@estimatescrubber.com

Scrub Complete Estimates. You must print the entire estimate as a PDF file. If you try printing a partial estimate to a PDF the scrubber may not work. When you print as a PDF file you are not using paper. It is more work the convert a partial estimate to PDF so print the estimate as a PDF file.

Scrubbing the Same Estimate Multiple Times. You can scrub an estimate as many times as necessary. You can scrub it against different profiles to check different things or return to the estimate, make changes, reprint it as PDF and rescrub. You can do this as many times as necessary.

Manual Entries. The number of different ways you can enter the information on a manual line is infinite. Scrubber cannot be programmed to understand all these combinations. Our recommendation is to enter manual entries using verbiage as close to the text used by the information providers.

Rule Explanations
Rule Looks For Explanation
Aim, sensors (park, backup, proximity & camera) Identifies lamps and/or sensors that could require specific aiming procedures
A/C Evacuate & Recharge Flags estimates without a matching R134, R12 or Freon entry
Advanced Substrates, repair Flags advanced substrates that are being repaired
Air Bag, deployment clean up Identifies airbag deployment that could necessitate residue cleanup
Asterisks, overridden refinish and/or blend allowances Identifies Audatex and Mitchell Refinish/Blend allowances that have been user modified
Battery, disconnect Identifies R&R and R&I of batteries which could require resetting/reprograming electronics
Block Sand, repaired outer panels Identifies major exterior repaired panels which could need feather, fill & block sanding
Bumper, refinished on vehicle (CCC only) Flags CCC estimates with bumpers refinished on vehicle (first panel for overlap purposes)
Collision Advice, Sales Mix Rule Calculates the estimates percentages for parts, labor, refinish and paint materials against the Collision Advice 30, 20, 10 sales mix
Corrosion Protection, restore Flags selected R&R & repaired panels asks if restore corrosion protection has been considered
Decals, Overlays, Stripe Tape Flags and notifies estimator that Decals, Stripe Tape, Overlays only have replace allowances
Discontinued Parts Flags discontinued parts and notifies estimator that price is last available price from OEM
Estimate Line Modified (CCC only) Flags CCC estimates lines that have been modified by the estimator.
Fuel Tank/Fuel Pump Module, R&I/R&R Identifies R&I/R&R fuel tank and pump. Asks if drain & refill tank should be considered
Glass, Urethane Set Flags R&R and R&I glass without a corresponding adhesive sealant kit
Labels Flags R&R and repaired panels that may need to have labels replaced
Labor Hours, blank or zero Flags R&R and repaired panels that may need to have labels replaced
Labor Notes - Message Codes Flags selected Audatex message codes and Mitchell estimate lines with # after labor
Mechanical Operations Paid as Body (CCC / Mitchell only) Flags CCC estimates with a m without a corresponding M
Open Item (CCC Only) Flags CCC estimate lines that carry Open instead of a line number
Paint Materials Check #1, Has no amount in Scrubber Profile, calculates effective materials rate Checks to see if the Paint Materials are capped. If capped it checks to see if there is Paint Material rate in the scrubber profile. If it finds no rate in the scrubber profile it divides the number of refinish hours into the capped amount and gives you the effective material rate
Paint Materials Check #2, Has amount in Scrubber Profile, calculates the true material amount; Checks to see if the Paint Materials are capped. If capped it checks to see if there is a Paint Material rate in the scrubber profile. If there is a rate in the scrubber profile it multiplies the number of refinish hours times the scrubber profile rate and gives you what the uncapped material amount should be.
Part Number, Call Dealer Flags parts that need to be priced by dealer
Part Price/Labor Allowance, Manually Entered Inc* Identifies Audatex and Mitchell lines that have been included by the estimator
Parts Price/Sublet Amount, blank or zero Flags R&R & Sublet lines with blank or zero parts amounts
R&I Emblems, Mouldings, Nameplate, clean & retape Flags R&I of Emblems, Mouldings, Nameplate that may need clean & retape entry added
Refinish Check, part number, ending in PTM, ZZ & bumper reinforcements/impact bars Flags part numbers ending in PTM or ZZ without corresponding refinish allowances
Refinish Setup, Underside, Second Color & Two Tone Identifies selected panels that could require different paint formulations or two tone
Refinish, undersides of selected panels Identifies selected panels that may need the undersides refinished when replaced
Remanufactured Parts, core charges Identifies and flags remanufactured parts and asks if core charges have been considered
Unibody/Frame, setup, pull Flags frame/unibody repairs that could necessitate repairing clamp damage
Used Part, preparation Flags LKQ/Used parts and asks if they require any additional body or refinish operations
Weld damage, blend/repair selected panels Flags selected welded exterior panels and asks if adjacent panel need to be repaired and/or blended
Used Part, preparation Flags LKQ/Used parts and asks if they require any additional body or refinish operations
Position Statements Link to OEM repair information sources.
Zero Point Calibrations, Scan for faults Prompts for checking if repair require an OEM scan for faults before/after repairs?
ASA Checks estimate against ASA Not-Included Operations When Installing New Replacement Parts
Bumper, refinished on vehicle (CCC only) Prompts for bumper considered the first panel for overlap purposes and is painted in one operation with the vehicle. How to change the bumper refinishing on the vehicle setting.
Clear Coat, extend to break point Flags panels that may require refinish but may not have a break point for Clear Coat application.
Clear Coat, Jambs,Edges & Inner Panels (CCC ONLY) Flags for inner/panels that may require clear coat.
Enhanced Corrosion Protection Checks for corrosion protection on estimate, or missing labor/materials.
Interior Refinish Flag (Audatex Only) Checks for interior refinish in the admin data.
Windshield R&R / R&I, Collision Avoidance System Checks options for collision avoidance system. Prompts for recalibrated per OEM service procedures?
Production Assistant Calculates adjuted hours for assembly/dissassembly (R&I, bolted items) and body (welded and repaired items)
TPMS Checks for TPMS when replacing wheels, tires and other items
Alignment Checks for alignment when items typically requiring alignment are replaced, overhauled, repaired or R&I'd
Fluids Checks for fluids when repair, R&R and R&I radiator, radiator hose, coolant reservoir, water pump, trans cooler, brake line, brake caliper, wheel cylinder, and windshield washer bottle/reservoir.
Door Outer Panel Checks for vapor barrier and adhesive kit when replacing door outer panel.
Door Shell Prompts for extra labor for options.